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our top story: please have a suspect in custody, and charges are pending ... in the beating death of a man inside his home in jeff rutzen park. good afternoon i am steve sanders ... and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web >>julian crews as more live from the northwest side >>the suspect to happens to be the victims next-door neighbor was taken to chicago masonic hospital with lacerations on his wrists and arms ... >>those who live and work on the
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bloc can hardly believe it is strange set of circumstances that keeps getting weirder ... >>police say a burglary call came earlier tuesday afternoon and evidence technicians came to the home at 5331 north northwest highway police spoke to 56 year- old michaeljusto at the time who said he suspected a 34 year-old neighbor who lived next door sometimes later that day the victim was attacked and the home invader may have used the bat and a hammer the victim was found badly beaten to death in the basement >>the tribune says that the suspect is being held on an unrelated rest warren from west suburban oak brook neighbors say that the news is frightening >>it's scary this is our next- door neighbor >>michael justo was beloved and
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known for being friendly to neighbors he will be missed in this community >>a 14 year-old boy is on life- support with serious head injuries after he was beaten in logan square. it happened tuesday night in the 2900 block of west bloomingdale police say that he was walking on a distorting his girlfriend's house. there were talking on their cellular phones when girlfriend heard a commotion in the line went dead. she went to look for him and discovered him unconscious. police said that use it had apparently with a hammer no arrests have yet been made. >>police are looking for four young women who attacked and robbed and 80 year-old man who offered them a ride in his car. the elderly man was beaten with a cane and dumped on the street near 69th and arnelle on the south side police said that the four women also stole the man's wallet and cellular phone the
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victim was taken to hospital with minor injuries the suspects are believed to be in their 20s police to not have a detailed description. >>the illinois supreme court will hear arguments today in a place torture case that dates back nearly three decades stanley wrice claims that he was tortured into confessing to a 1982 rape say that he would've been convicted even without the confession. he said that he was beaten by officers under the command of former chicago police lt. jon burge the torture ... with sentencing for rod blagojevich just three weeks away federal prosecutors are suggesting that the former governor could get 30 years in prison ... >>prosecutors said that the seriousness of this corruption convictions requires a stiff sentence defense lawyers will
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argue just the opposite that there is no evidence blagojevich took any money personally for his schemes so he should go free on probation ultimately his fate will remain in the hands of federal judge james zagel. >>congressman joe walsh has to prove that he has made nearly $100,000 in child support payments to his ex-wife laura a. cook county judge issued that ruling yesterday his ex-wife claims that he owes her that money the five of the money is part of the child-support battle for their three children the congressman's lawyers said that the ruling was just a legal technicality and they hope to iron out their differences when lawyers for both parents meet in court on november 8th ... >>homeowners a struggling to make their monthly mortgage payments could get some help under new program jae miller is in the newsroom with more >>it is called the hardest-hit fund is aimed at illinois residents who have lost
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significant and, and in danger of losing their homes that number continues to rise across the nation and the state in illinois flood karcher activity rose 18% from july. there's a long list of requirements but if eligible you could receive up to $25,000 to help make your mortgage payments the program is tailored to low and moderate income households that own no more than $500,000 on their mortgages and have either a fixed rate or a adjustable rate mortgages loans ... is a tenure forgivable loan to bring people turn on delinquent mortgages and keep people turn for up to 18 months if all the criteria is met homeowners do not have to repay that loan >>the response has been amazing it's a lot of altering thing for people people are struggling to get by its life altering it gives them a second chance it
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brings the loan current and it begins to make payments into the future for people that have received the assistance to date it has changed their lives and gives them a fresh start >>the three had $45 million federally funded program may provide the on the relief of its kind for as many as 15,000 struggling homeowners who may have been rejected by other assistance programs to see if you qualify please check out the link on our web site nancy loo is live in park ridge with a jobs fair ... >>the employers and side said they are eager to hire more than 50 companies are represented here at the park ridge community center which had about dozens
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and dozens of people lined up before things got under way with resonates an interview dancers at the ready job openings seem to be opening up and more places like this appliance chain hiring 700 people for its 14 new people 14 new stores in the chicago area ... more hiring is under way for other locations executives say that the pool of potential employees in the chicago area is impressive ... >>the selection was great we did have the opportunity to select the best and we believe that we did that overall the mix of associates was great it was a good opportunity i did notice lots of excitement here >>this jobs fares set to go until three this afternoon among the industry's hiring here:
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trucking retail, health care education >>next at noon the nation's highest military honor and a beer with the president that's bestowed on one marine today >>and an offer for michele bachman to back up her claim about that hpv statement >>and its blackhawks stay here at wgn [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ ♪itst
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a u.s. marine will be awarded the medal of honor today for his quick and selfless actions in afghanistan. sergeant dakota meyer will receive the medal from president obama at the white house. back in september of 2009 meyer and his unit came under heavy attack from television fighters he risked his life to rescue several u.s.
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and afghan service members and retrieve the bodies of four fallen comrades. he was wounded in the arm by shrapnel during his actions. he does not consider himself to be a hero and he feels guilty that he survived and is buddies did not >>i see myself as the furthest thing from a hero i went there to get my guys out alive and i failed so i feel like more of a failure than a hero my eyes ... >>he will become the first living marine to receive the medal of honor since the vietnam war he and president obama enjoyed a appear together at the white house last night >>house republicans today are laying out their jobs plans to get the economy back on track speaker john boehner will deliver the plan during a speech this afternoon in washington ... is expected to focus on the gop's long running position that the key to growth is to resume
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reduced government regulation lower taxes and cut government spending. the republican plans in response to a stimulus package as by president obama last week. it includes more than $250 billion in tax cuts and about $200 billion in new spending. the senate faces a deadline friday to pass a bill extending funding for the federal aviation administration. some faa employees could be laid off if the deadline is missed senate majority leader harry reid accuses oklahoma republican tom coburn of acting like a dictator by holding up that bill but tom coburn is demanding that the bill be stripped of what he considers to be wasteful provisions that set aside money for local scenic enhancements and sound walls. two professors in minnesota are offering more than $10,000 for medical proof that a woman's daughter suffered mental retardation if the
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vaccine michele bachman told the girl's story after monday's debate her comments had been strongly criticized by the medical community for suggesting that the vaccine for the human papilloma virus is like to mental illness hpv is the virus that causes cancer two months after casey anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter caylee the child grandfathers' offering dr. fell an explanation for the child's death george anthony told dr. phil that he believes caylee died of a drug overdose he believes that her mother casey or someone else that she was with give too much of a drug to caylee she fell asleep and did not wake up george anthony said in his mind the motivation was to sedate the child so that she can go out and have a good time george's wife cindy said that was the first time she had heard that out of her husband's mouth. >>the father of missing after the american teenager natalee holloway wants closure. he is
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asking a court to officially declare his daughter dead. the news came as a shock to her mother she said she is unaware of the request and has no idea why her ex-husband filed the petition natalee holloway disappeared back in 2005 during high school graduation trip to our robot the prime suspect in her case joran van der sloot is not been charged in connection to the case is currently in prison in peru awaiting trial for the murder of another woman last year the disappearance of natalee holloway remains unsolved >>3 people were injured when fights broke out overnight and the campus of seven illinois univ. the melee began during a power outage on campus a thousand people were involved in the melee as many as a thousand people were controlled by police that were called in for assistance from carbondale
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jackson county sheriff's department and illinois state police >>chicago police superintendent garry mccarthy had more to say today about the reassignment of police officers across the city he and the mayor announced yesterday that hundred 14 more officers are being shifted from administrative duty to patrol beats critics including police union resident president mike shields said that the city needs to hire more police not just move officers around >>the latest the distich show crime in chicago down 20% from august through the first two weeks of september coming up in the lunch break all the flavor without the gluten the author of the gluten free asian my doctor told me calcium
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here are today's business headlines ... >>market fears of a european debt crisis is melting away for now thanks to the federal reserve let's take a look at the trading right now the dow is up 150 points right now the optimism is coming because the federal reserve is providing cash to the european central bank for landing in europe ... it's a back door bailout according to critics nobody knows how much money the federal reserve is handing out lawmakers in congress are not going to like it. >>another market mover today netflix shares are down more than 10% after a big drop is reported to be expected of dvd
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customers almost a million subscribers back in july the mail order and streaming business was split into two different plans essentially raising prices ... it resulted in a big drop in customers but netflix is still sticking with its price hikes ... >>the cost of living keeps going up rising 4% since last year we are paying more for just about everything. 12 percent price hikes were seen and many goods in the last year ... >>250 mail processing plants may close and thousands of jobs will go with the u.s. post office ... that will result in a longer delivery time for first class u.s. mail ... >>that's a look at business news today
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swiss banking giant ubs says that a rogue trader may have cost them $2 billion ... according to the bank unauthorized trading could result in the company reported a loss in profits for the third quarter of this year. ubs says the incident is still under investigation but that no customer money was affected police also arrested a 31 year- old man in london on suspicion of fraud but would not confirm if the case is linked to the ubs situation >>a class-action law bryan earl lacquer is mourning the loss of his mother he is expected to play against the saints in new orleans this sunday ... >>is blackhawks day here at wgn
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the new season of her america's next top model show debuted last night on wgn tomorrow we have tyra banks live in the studio at noun and if you are looking for a job wgn is sponsoring living with diabetes is a reality for me, but i learned that i don't have to use a vial and syringe as part of my daily routine anymore. my doctor showed me the novolog mix 70/30 flexpen. flexpen is discreet and comes pre-filled with my insulin. flexpen goes with me and doesn't need refrigeration. and it's covered by most insurance. if you're still using a vial and syringe ask your healthcare provider about the benefits of flexpen. flexpen is a discreet, pre-filled dial-a-dose insulin pen. you can dial the exact dose of insulin you need. and inject insulin by pressing a button.
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stanley cup whenin duncan keith is also the alternate team captain. duncan keith is here in the studio in honor of black hawks a wgnday @ wgn
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>>as a team we were not in a good spyot the whole team played really well we did our part to get ourselves back again during the playoffs unfortunately we did not get the job done ... >>but you came back well and it came close what kind of taste to do have in your mouth during the off-season? >>knowing that we were seeing
12:25 pm
vancouver in the finals and losing it could of been us maybe with a better outcome >>as much as we would've liked to beat vancouver a loss is at a loss the frustrating part was letting things happen before we really pick ourselves up >>we made some good editions this year and are all excited and looking for to this upcoming season >>"talas" about the makeup of this new team house can be different this time around ... >>there's more character there
12:26 pm
are guys that are willing to push back and i think that will make a big difference. you can never have enough physical readiness and that lineup and that will come to light during the playoffs. the additions we made have brought us experienced players with a lot of greatness and heart all the elements they will bring will help us out this year. >>you have the ingredients the nucleus the scores the team a young goaltender who is improving and now you have the muscle this should change that outlook and you guys will be back this year >>we all feel the same thing we have a good team with good chances we wanted to get out on
12:27 pm
the eyes and do itice and do it. we've got all the right components physicality speak good goaltending how you approach this psychologically now? >>is just about improving every day. training camp is a fun part of the year it's exciting to reunite be back in the city ... we're just looking forward to getting back at it and coming together as quickly as we can
12:28 pm
thank you rich king >>tom skilling will be back with the full forecast
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tom is all excited about these blackhawks. these it happened to be very warm we're thinking about hockey with this chilly weather. this is the coolest air we have had since may it's one of the cruelest early season an amasses that we have had around here it went
12:31 pm
down to 32 degrees in the western suburbs last night 50 degrees at the lakefront ... it's a gorgeous day here on michigan avenue there's lots of sunshine but there will be like clouds streaming and the winds will be blowing from the north. it feels more like a late october afternoon the normal high temperature this time of year is up around 75 degrees. we will be up in the '50's most of the area today ... the leading edge of this cool air is marked by these clouds this is crashing into that 100 plus degree heat down in texas ... dallas was at 107 degrees setting records now is 74 degrees their oklahoma city is now at 55 degrees there were 40 degree temperature drops going on in the southern plains
12:32 pm
the overnight lows went down to 20 in international falls ... we're right where we were yesterday with temperatures we have a high of 58 degrees with a scene that in 37 years ... it will not last that these are the current temperatures around the area: >>the humidity is 42 degrees the water temperatures 68 degrees on lake michigan >>there's moderate grass and weed pollens it's been rough on the allergy side of things ... here are the current temperatures and i want to show you the associated wind gusts cullens:
12:33 pm
what is really interesting of those overnight low temperatures: we had foster reported frost reported in the northern suburbs. we are at 44 degrees right now at o'hare 46 degrees at midway with the northwest wind blowing ... it's a cool day and beautiful the clouds are coming and this high pressure will get dirty on us ... that will slow the warm- up but that will come this weekend and next week looks like a warmer affair the increasing clouds should prevent the frost overnight. there is no
12:34 pm
threat of frost at all here in the loop but we are 18 degrees below normal with these temperatures. we're looking again at that jet stream blowing in from canada. this is the high pressure we're looking on the map 2,500 mi. north to south and a wide swath east to west with wind blowing all around it.. those winds will die down tomorrow but the southerly winds coming up from the gulf are blowing with gusto and that will deliver all that warm air we expect to have over the weekend.
12:35 pm
we still have 14 more days and eight days that will be above 70 and 80 degrees respectively for the remainder of this summer's season. will be back to around 60 degrees tomorrow by the target to saturday we will be in the mid to upper 60s tonight we will have some rain showers ... but the thought is we will see more clouds and rain it will be a great end of week here in chicago. for this afternoon generous sunshine with a little bit of bluster relend 8 degrees below normal.
12:36 pm
october level air mass is what we are feeling. tonight will be cool and cloudy. 39 inland to 53 at the loop. 61 degrees will and the week on friday saturday will go partly sunny it will be milder temperatures could reach the '70s by afternoon. it's time now for today's trivia and in honor of black hawk stay at wgn: which black hawks center became famous for his spin-o-
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and cervical cancer. university of washington researchers report that breast cancer cases more than doubled to around the world over the last three decades. breast cancer deaths increased from 250,000-425,000 over the same. cervical cases had deaths from the disease also rising and with both of these cancers the majority of new cases were in developing nations the study results appear in the british medical journal the lancet. a new study suggests that smoking could affect her performance in the bedroom. researchers said
12:40 pm
the man who successfully stop smoking improved when tested on their sexual health that's compared to men who relapsed after quitting experts say that men do not realize the ongoing effects of smoking and believe that it's a fax to not come until much later in life previous research showed that long-term smokers are up to twice as likely to have impotence as nonsmokers smoking can also slow blood vessel dilation which is necessary to get an erection. your live illinois lottery drawing is next ... >>here are the pick three winning numbers: 9 9 5
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here are the pick four winning numbers:0 3 1 3 have a great afternoon
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in honor of black hawks stay at wgnday at wgn the new team forward
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jamal myersayers is here to deliver the news ... >>the white sox this season is drawing to a close, and it managers ozzie guillen is not satisfied with the effort from some of his players. the white sox are trying to avoid a sweep on the south side. they were up in the ninth inning but sergio santos gave up a game-tying home run. sergio santos is still pitching in the 10th inning when carlos dillon drives in the game-winning run the white sox lost 6-5 now here's a disappointment ...
12:45 pm
>>the cubs still in cincinnati for bark in the parked night no score in the second inning when ramon hernandez hit a three run home run casey coleman gave up six runs in less than four innings and a ninth-inning marlon byrd hit a grounder to one francisco who made a great play for the out cubs lost 7-2 and wrapped up the series tonight ... finally the blackhawks a post the fourth annual training camp festival this saturday at the united center. it is already sold out but the first 10,000 fans will get a patrick sharp bobblehead. is the first day that we hit the ice for practice and we kicked off the season october 7th against the stars and that is sports lunch break is coming next asian
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if you experience serious allergic reactions such as body rash, trouble with breathing fast heartbeat or sweating. ask your healthcare provider about levemir flexpen today. learn more about the different insulins available in flexpen at flexpen, insulin delivery that goes with you. for anyone who is gluten and tolerantintolerant asian cooking can be difficult to enjoy that's where it laura russell and her book the clinton free asian kitchen comes then laura is the gluten freedom columnist for the portland oregonian newspaper.
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so i have here some rock fish that is sauteed in my pants i coded this with rice flour and i added rurmeric to brown at ... we are going to flavor this with a fish sauce soy sauce has wheat so i use a lot of fish sauce which is prominent and south east asian cooking ... it has a salty flavor with savory after notes. i want to make a quick sauce for this fish we will sauteed green
12:50 pm
onions and peanuts this will stay in the pan for just one minute ... this is sold simple as a quick week night- dish i-pad and finished with a garnish of cilantro and that's it completely grit and freluten-free there is a gluten free to marry sauceamari sauce. which can be made
12:51 pm
with less wheat ... but there are terrific wheat free tamari sauce bvrands out the on the market.. i think lots of people are scared off by asian food ... i am cooking this dish in a small pan there's no special equipment required you just have to be clever about substituting certain ingredients to mimic the original favorites ... i am using rice noodles and combining
12:52 pm
that with the peanut herb mixture that i have sauteed we were gonna take some lime juice rice vinegar and that sauce that we made and at some other seasonings ... you can make a lot of these sauces two weeks ahead this is a vietnamese style recipe that i just put together they can be served at room temperature ... your book the glue to in freeten free asian kitchen has lots of great recipes ... >>yes the dumplings the pot stickers are used with
12:53 pm
substitute flowerurs.. there are lots of different choices out there. and you can't find this in a restaurant so you could be much better off cooking your asian food at home to guarantee it will comply with your diet ... >>thank you so much laura. if you like to find out more about laura and her book or this recipe please log onto we will be right back
12:54 pm
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is denniis savard... we have a beautiful afternoon happening it's a bit cool out there but this is canadian air that has rushed and we're looking friday into saturday now we should get to the mid-70s on sunday so it will warmup for the weekend. next week will be substantially
12:57 pm
more than this week was we have a big sprawling front of canadian origin that's cooling everything down here in the eastern and midwestern regions southeast wind from the gulf will be bringing us warmer air for the weekend we are looking at some lake effect rain showers headed to indiana the seven day forecast texas from 6 to 1 degrees tomorrow to 70 saturday 77 sunday a monday 78 tuesday and back in the '80s on wednesday and thursday. we are in temperatures sounds that are more typical of late october we may see a couple of thunderstorms or a shower late
12:58 pm
sunday monday tuesday or wednesday ... thank you so much for joining us today >>have a great afternoon remember we are back here at 5 and again at 9 this evening
12:59 pm

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